Clive Christian’s iconic collections blend the company’s history of perfume opulence with future, forward vision. Our heritage is embodied by our iconic crown, the rights to which were first granted to the Crown Perfumery Company by Queen Victoria herself in 1872.

An image that still defines every bottle of Clive Christian perfume to this day, you can find Queen Victoria’s crown standing proudly as the cap of every perfume. This is a lasting memento of a token given in gratitude, celebrating a very special personal relationship with one of Britain’s greatest monarchs. Using exquisite ingredients, with intense and complex formulations and the ultimate craftsmanship for opulent, pure perfume pleasure. Blending a royal British history with visionary flair to stand outside time. For highly expressive, uniquely personal perfumes – the ultimate form of self-expression.

Clive Christian is exclusive to Cartmell Menswear outside of London.

Seamlessly fusing science and emotion, Initio perfumes centre on the notion that fragrance molecules can trigger attraction in both wearer and beholder. Indeed, the brand’s name implies a beginning – the idea that applying one of its scintillating scents can create an impulse that leads to new adventures. Browse our curated selection and you’ll discover rich and complex concoctions crafted from some of the world’s finest ingredients.If you enjoy a deep, musky perfume, we recommend Initio’s oud collection. Otherwise known as “liquid gold”, this oriental wood is smoky and smooth – you’ll see it paired with bright citrus or warming vanilla and spice. Floral eaux de parfums are a lighter pick. Choose classic notes of rose and jasmine, or if you’re looking for something unexpected, opt for sweet magnolia. A little goes a long way, so use sparingly for maximum effect.Once you’ve discovered your signature scent, why not help your nearest and dearest find theirs? Initio fragrances make thoughtful gifts that they’ll love to wear on special occasions (or day to day, if they’re feeling indulgent). What’s more, each creation comes bottled in an eye-catching flacon complete with the perfumer’s mesmeric seal, for a present that looks as good as it smells.

We will be updating our website more regularly to provide customers with an easy one-stop place to check out the latest in our fantastic designer ranges with Hugo Boss, Pal Zileri, Handpicked Brand and many, many more to love! Stop by here periodically to see what we are up to and keep tabs on the finest trends in menswear throughout the year.

Upstairs we have a number of gorgeous new suits and we are really excited about the three piece styles. Additionally, for those with black tie dos coming up we now offer ranges of dinner suits and accessories. We have also recently received several shipments of Boss men’s business accessories and wallets, which make fantastic gifts! And if it’s a gift you are looking for you can always purchase a Cartmell Menswear gift certificate and it will always be well received.

As always we want to say thank you to our loyal customers who have helped us to have an incredibly pleasant, fun and prosperous year. Look forward to seeing you soon!!